Get a System and Drive Traffic With Article Marketing

In today’s internet marketing environment, driving massive traffic to your web site is critical to your success online.

I know it is difficult to get into the routine of writing an article a day when you first start out. Just writing any content can easily be put aside. It took me a couple of months to move from one article a week for submission, to a couple a week, then a few more. Well, after the few more point, I thought what the heck this is getting easier. I can write an article in an hour each morning if I just change my schedule a bit. Now I have a system. I write my article each morning – post either in the AM or sometime during the day. Writing the article (and my procrastinating) is now out of the way. Posting is easy and fun – fun because I will see it completed. This is good for me, I have been successful in taking action to move my business forward, step by step.

I now have a template, or outline, for a portion of my day that is dedicated to my online business success. My daily system has given me direction..
What does this mean exactly?

Well, I don’t have writing an article weighing on me like unfinished business. It is now in a system, a routine. I know when I go to bed that these two steps (writing and posting the article) will be part of my daily routine, I have put some control in the system.

And, I have accepted that this is now a part of my daily routine, or a new habit has been formed. This is a healthy way for me to grow in my business. And, a healthy way for my business to grow. After all, I am the business!
Why and how does article marketing drive traffic?

1) Article marketing drives traffic when the article directories publish your article – if you have done your homework ahead of time, you know how to target the keywords effectively in your article (if you are lost here – read more of my articles and blogs!).

Your signature box will contain a direct link to your blog or web site – which is also a backlink from the article site to your site (that is really good!). This will greatly help your article show up in with higher results of the Google and Yahoo search engines.
The traffic that you get through these links tends to be very responsive, and your desire is for them to sign up for the RSS feed, which notifies visitors when you have a new article posted on that directory. Your hopes are also that they will visit your own site, make comments, and hopefully fill out your opt in box to receive more great instruction and information from you directly. This is the start of targeted client relationship building!

So, after they have read your article, hopefully, they will want more information from you. Which creates more traffic for you!
2) Remember, I mentioned backlinks above? The second way that you drive traffic with article marketing is when you follow a strategy of submitting to article directories and having the article directories linkback to your blog or web, you can quickly build up a string of backlinks that will have Google and Yahoo rank you for your keywords – pushing your site to higher rankings in the search engines for your optimized keywords. Which is SEO – search engine optimization at work.

If you to apply these strategies, your brand (name, product, domain) will grow and attract results long-term.

I was pushed to write my articles by my own business coach. That is when I really started to move ahead. I was slow about writing articles and posting them, as I stated above. But, my coach impressed upon me the importance of article marketing. I took action. And, it feels so good, because it is one prong in my own marketing strategy that I am taking care of through a system.

I coach others to put structure to marketing and their on-line presence. Helping to attune their processes and activities. Showing how to get results. If you’ve thought you might benefit from a business coach, wonder no more. I over deliver, with your success forefront. In a fun way!

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