How to Make Your Network Marketing Business Look Really Attractive to People

My first experience with network marketing was with a 30 year old company, very well known in the market. So well known that the mere mention of it can drive some people away. And my system taught the curiosity approach, maybe due to the stigma already attached to the name of the company. It took some time before I felt comfortable again using the direct approach.

Now I am starting to get good results using the direct approach. It surely relieves lots of stress from just setting up the appointments. During the appointment, be sure you ask lots of questions. The answers that you get from your prospect actually qualify him whether he is suitable to be in your group or otherwise.

Many network marketers make the mistake of telling their prospects that it’s going to be easy. A better strategy is to tell them that it’s going to be tough. You will get a little less sign-ups, but those who registered tend to stay longer in the business. This business is going to enable you to earn financial freedom, frankly you don’t expect it to be EASY, do you?

Your responsibility as a sponsor is to prepare your new enrollee for the tough times ahead. Tell him upfront that he is going to face lots of rejections especially during the first few months in the business. Get him to be mentally tough. If he has demonstrated potential in the business, give him a one-on-one coaching. Those who are not tough enough account for the 95% of distributors who quit in the first year of business.

If you have decided to build an outstation group, plan to visit your new distributor every weekend for the first month. Then visit him every fortnight for the following month. A common mistake is to sponsor one outstation distributor and not seeing him again for one whole month. He will quickly get demotivated and all your previous effort of going outstation to sponsor him in the first place will be wasted. Bear in mind that experience from successful leaders has shown that your biggest group will come from outstation.

Organize plenty of challenges and contests for your group. Provide interesting prizes for winners. Promote those events BIG. There is a saying in this business,’What gets promoted, gets done’. Spend some of your income from the business on those prizes. When more distributors in your group participate in these contests, your sales volume will increase which will result in more bonuses for you, which will result in your having more cash to organize bigger contests and so on.

Encourage your new distributor to recruit (sponsor) more new people, especially in the first moth of his joining your business. Teach him to use whatever means available, as long as it is legal. He can use telephone calls, mailing brochures, putting up classified advertisement in local newspapers, contacting prospects on-line, using social networks, joining clubs, registering himself in trade journals and so on. Tell him not to take rejections personally. If someone says ‘No’, he must immediately go talk to the next prospect. What matters is who joins, not who doesn’t.

Personal development is also very important in this business. Encourage him to read more personal development books, listen to CD’s and attend Seminars. As he grows personally, more people will be attracted to him and the faster will be his recruitment(sponsoring) rate. He will also learn how to manage his growing group better.

Once your distributor has fared well in the first few months, he will understand and appreciate your hand-holding him, thus he will walk around with a glow on his face. New prospects can see that very clearly and words will pass around that you are a good leader. So, you and your business will look very attractive to other people.

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