New Multimedia Advertising – A Simple Cost Effective Internet Marketing Strategy For Small Business

This article is targeted at small businesses who do not usually have the expertise, time or financial resources to fully take advantage of the massive shift of consumer ‘eyeballs’ from TV, radio or print advertising to the internet and mobile devices. Meanwhile, they continue to use offline advertising as their primary marketing medium, spending relatively large sums on offline advertising even as their potential target population shrinks. Recent changes in technology and competition have made the internet and mobile text marketing available and affordable to many small businesses. This article is an attempt to show the various options now available for small business to integrate their current offline marketing strategies with the new multimedia environment at an affordable cost.

Multimedia advertising or marketing is often a much misunderstood term. It has a different meaning to different people, especially small business. However, the traditional meaning has been the “process of using animation and graphic design to market and sell a product or service”. Multimedia advertising in the traditional concept is also website design; website hosting, internet marketing, SEO, email, DVDs, CD-ROMs marketing/campaigns, videos, and online advertising, to get your company and products known. Note that in the traditional concept, all these services are usually priced and managed separately and often are NOT integrated. As a result, even this medium is often too expensive for small business. They simply design and put up a website and hope that the site will get noticed and bring in customers. Most often, this does not happen.

The new multimedia advertising represents the convergence of text, pictures, video and sound into a single form. The power of multimedia marketing and the Internet lies in the way in which information is linked. Small business now has the opportunity to integrate their offline marketing efforts with their online and mobile campaigns.

To survive and thrive in this new internet, mobile oriented environment, small business must have access to a simple, integrated, easy to learn, cost effective way of getting in front of their potential customers.

The new multimedia advertising strategy comprises of the following:

SMS Text Advertising: Get your shortcode “keywords” that best describe your business name or products. Your keywords are exclusively assigned to you on a shortcode messaging platform.

Multi-Media Ad Builder: It is imperative that the Ad agency you choose includes a Multi-Media commercial ad builder. Simply choose a template that best fits your business, type your info and instantly generate a stunning “TV-like” Multi Media Ad.

Mobile Web Page Builder: Automatically build and publish your “mobile” website for iPhone, Droid and other smart phones. You can now link this mobile website from all your SMS text messages that you send to all your customers.

Post Ads on YouTube: Post all your multi-media ads on the YouTube worldwide network with a single click. All your ads are linked directly to you from your provided contact information.

Post Ads on Social Media: Post all your multi-media ads on the Social media worldwide network with a single click. All your ads can be viewed with direct links to your website, keyword or contact email.

Search Optimize Your Ads: Your ads are instantly posted on the internet and ranked high on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines with inbuilt SEO for all your ads.

Integrate Your Offline Advertising With Your Multimedia Strategy: You can now provide your keyword, website or other contact information in your offline ads and direct your customers to the specific coupon or product you are promoting.

This functionality allows you to instantly create a dynamic multi-media interactive commercial of your product or service from the commercial ad builder. Your ad is published automatically on the world’s largest advertising network, the INTERNET. More specifically, your business is advertised on any “Smart” mobile phone, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Bing Networks and your social media sites…worldwide.

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