Social Media: Are You Marketing Yourself Incorrectly?

1. Are you direct marketing on Twitter? – Stop what you are doing and rethink your entire business plan. Start with your Social Media Campaign. Twitter users do not take kindly to artificial direct marketing. Resist the urge to use an auto tweeter! How can you improve the quality of your Twitter marketing? Try making meaningful relationships with others in your niche. Try connecting with your potential customers to find out what they like.

2. Tweet and retweet everyone else’s links and blog posts. They will love you for showing interest. You should receive some follows for this.

3. Give shout outs on Follow Friday to important Twitter friends.

4. Hit the Like button on interesting Facebook pages. Tweet those pages to your Twitter followers. Make sure they are worth reading! You want to build the type of relationship that shows you always have something interesting or useful to say to your reader.

5. Discuss popular Reddit posts from your niche on your Facebook page or Twitter profile. If they are interesting enough to be popular, your readers may find interest in them.

6. Use your social media outlets to market in creative ways. Think about the bigger picture, your business. If you are looking for long-term success in the online marketplace, you need to build powerful relationships with your readers and peers. Building relationships with other bloggers can lead to an even better marketing strategy. The guest post.

To recap: You should be using your social media outlets to provide value to your readers and peers. Try to build strong relationships so you can participate in stronger marketing efforts such as habitual traffic building guest posts. Landing a guest post on a popular blog could give you hundreds of new subscribers.

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